Cinderella was a good girl, but she sneaked out at night.

Snow White was a good girl, but she broke into dwarf’s house.

Harry (Potter) was a good boy, but he broke most of the school laws.

Thanos was a bad guy, but he adopted two girls. A purple man with blue and green daughters, what a family!

Buddy Pine aka Syndrome was a bad guy, by his hard work he transformed himself into a wealthy gadget inventor.

The other day I was lying in the bed, surfing pictures on the net and came across this famous Chinese philosophy, Yin Yang. It has an interesting concept that all opposites are interconnected. Not in ourselves but throughout the world. Like hot and cold, light and dark, long and short, naughty and reserved, happy and sad, earth and sky, and the examples are endless.
As a matter of fact, one cannot exist without the other. Endless winter can never make us understand the value of summer. Without noise, you cannot value silence. Every white has its black and every black has a white. Similarly, all humans have good and bad within. It is just about choosing colors, white is always difficult as it reveals the tiniest spot of grey whereas black takes all in except for white. At times, it overcomes white. But, it doesn’t mean black is better. Of course, white takes more effort to stay the way it is. One should try to be completely white or black.
In fact, anything in extreme turns to harm us just as Buddy Pine who could have spent his life happy with his mind-boggling inventions and wealth but he opted for troubling himself by troubling others. I mean why to bother for people who don’t give a damn about you. Just move them aside and carry on. Easier said than done. Especially for overthinkers like me. So when I re-read this I felt how would I deal with myself?
But then yin-yang also symbolizes that every problem comes with a solution. And the solution is right in the center, within us. So for all the overthinkers out there, I am leaving you with my top 3 solutions to stop overthinking.

1. Stop thinking about the wrong and start thinking about right:
Often in a given situation especially when deciding we naturally think about the negative things that will fall into our bags. Stop. Take a new direction, right direction. Think about the positives.

2. Be satisfied with what you have:
Negativity breeds ungratefulness. Be thankful for what you have and how much you have. Even though it is little, thank god that it is there. Trust, what you have is enough. Realize you cannot control everything and you will sleep well.

3. Dance:
Believe me, it is the best stress buster in the world. It makes you forget everything. Good dancer, bad dancer just dance bro, just dance.
So what if things aren’t going your way. Trust me it is going the right way.


The Yin-Yang

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To Universal Studio and the Indian Exhibitors, From disappointed movie lover.

Okay so, as we say adios with a heavy heart to this peaceful month of Ramadan. I must say it has been like a vacation in the Alps. For real, 30 days of prayer, feast and time to spend with family and friends over Iftar (that’s what we call the time when we open the fast). What else? Away from distractions of television, movies, music and social media…though we don’t literally cut out on Facebook and Insta, not to forget Twitter but it is less updated than normal days.

As of speaking of me, I was totally off from Netflix (my latest addiction), music (my old lover) and movies (just can’t get enough of them) and was looking forward to Eid! A time when we resume all of this. Apart from family meetings we are -kind of- officially free to watch them.

I am always excited for movies and never say no…first thing I wanted to get my eyes on was ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ for two reasons.

One, I love dinosaurs of Jurassic movies – including the very first one. Two, Chris Pratt is my Netflix (Just sharing, I watched ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ right before Ramadan started)

The real fun with Avengers, apart from Chris Pratt, was that it was in 3D! And a true experience of a movie like this comes with IMAX 3D. Sadly, I wasn’t in town to watch it in IMAX so I had to make do with the supplies that I had. Instead of missing out I opted for a normal 3D experience. While somewhere deep within I had a satisfaction that ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ was on its way to the theaters and from the IMAX experience of the first installment of the movie I was definitely going to watch it in IMAX 3D, even if I wasn’t in the city I would make sure I would be.

Hence, gearing up for Eid and for the movie I excitedly hopped on my laptop and checked out the theater website to book IMAX tickets (Couldn’t wait anymore). Frowning at the screen and thinking that fasting might have made my cognitive skill a slow I surfed the website. I couldn’t find it. All I found was that it was available in normal 2D or 3D. No IMAX 3D! It hit me like a shock. Searching like a frantic for an hour I concluded that they might have not made the movie for IMAX 3D.

Still, I couldn’t let my dragon sleep so I further went on to investigate the matter more closely. So I google to find out why they haven’t made such a wonderful movie for IMAX.

Bingo! My mistake now it turns out that there is not only going to be no IMAX 3D but no 3D at all!

My cognitive skill is slow IMAX is just the screen and if a movie is made in 3D it has to be played in IMAX.

What that bloody hell!

I am sadder L I don’t know what to say…What an ugly luck! And it’s not that they aren’t playing in my city but they don’t have it all over India.

You know if I don’t watch this movie in 3D I will never get a chance to watch again in 3D. NO, I am not paying them twice even if they re-release it later.

Coz I have no interest in playing the monkey between the Universal Pictures and Indian Exhibitors who are fighting over money sharing on 3D glasses. Really? Seriously, that is ultra kidish. See you guys –both the parties- need to sort out their differences like an adult. Every problem has a solution but this isn’t a solution. Don’t let poor audience suffer, they are paying no fewer prices for those tickets. In fact, I do not wish to make Universal Pictures or the Indian Exhibitors pockets heavy by losing mine. I don’t know if I have a choice or my voice is heard but things have to be said irrespective.

It’s been a week since the release and come on grow up while you still have time!

Pheeww…That makes me cranky. I still cannot overcome the blow of not seeing the dinos or Chris Pratt so close that I could touch. I had only one chance. Something needs to be done. I think I am going to rather go and watch reruns of Parks & Rec to compensate…Till then, keep thinking… Eid Mubarak!!!



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The art of not giving a c@#*?

My Junior, my right- hand, my love, my eldest niece has turned out to be a writer too! Due to school and other activities, she wishes to contribute to the blog and giving her a push I have agreed on her to write occasionally here.

So here is her first ever published little article.
All the best little writer…

The art of not giving a c@#*?

How many times do you have to let go things just because of what the society will say? Most of the things you love. As a girl, you might leave sports and as a guy, you might leave cooking or nursing. There is an art that needs to be learned by most of the youngsters around the world. With pressures like “get married”, “do engineering “, “U r not as beautiful as her because u r dark”, this is where this art should necessarily be applied.

That art is known as The art of not giving a c@#*?
Though it is mastered by only a few youngsters who decide to listen to their heart and not the society (We really need their advice here). Coz according to what I see the society makes us feel as though we need to give a shoot about everything they think is right, even if they aren’t.

Making us feel as though we should entitle ourselves to be happy and lead a perfect life by getting a flawless partner and a perfect job. Which often leads many to wear a dark mask in which we usually lose ourselves slowly and painfully, much like oxygen being taken away.

And we conclude as life being unfair but what people don’t get is, that in reality life is fair because it is unfair to everybody. So please don’t give a c@#*? to what society says coz, in the end, you’ve got only one life, so do what you love and eventually, you will get what you deserve.


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Balloons 🎈

I wish grudges and anger could be like balloons 🎈 up and away when you leave them or if they can’t fly we could easily burst them, no matter who’s it was.

That is one of the things that pulls you back from what you are doing. Diverts your mind, makes you weak as it grows into jealousy.

Stay away from it. I am trying, you try it too.

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As I was scrolling through my wallet today I came across this little nostalgic piece

It’s from my trip to USA 🇺🇸

So many fond stories rushed to my mind leaving my mouth curved.

Everyone had those type, where you don’t expect things to happen and they just happen like magic. This was one of them. With a blink of an eye I was hoping on the plane ✈️ quickly a month went by and I was back!

This thing up there 👆🏻 was a cent coin that was transferred into this souvenir. In a machine at Caesars, Atlantic City. I got an idea to punch a hole in it and wear it around my neck but then I dropped it.

I have a thinking that everything happens for a reason but I just can’t think of any for this one. But I am sure I am closer to find one soon. If god wills.

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Give it out ❤️

No matter who we are or what we do under one sky we all go through one ☝🏻 struggle. That is, LOVE ❤️ to find love, to be loved. It burns furiously than blazing fire 🔥 So tell someone you love, that they matter to u,even if it is little give it out. You won’t regret it at the end of the day. Even if it is one side be thankful that you can smell the sweetness of it and that it wasn’t replaced by hate. 

May LOVE shelters in our souls. 

So that we can color our lives RED.

Not with blood but with LOVE ❤️ 

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First! Know yourself 

Everything that you being in the start is so interesting, such fun to do. Like your first yoga class, oh the energy doesn’t leave you. It keeps flowing in your veins all day long and you go to bed with a thought that tomorrow you’ll go for those extra asanas that you thought of doing.The first time you had a cup of green tea, made you wonder where it had been life long. 

The first time you write and is proud to produce something that is worth reading even if it isn’t. Every topic that pops in your head be it light bulb, toilet seat, paper napkins it is always worth writing. You just get into that zone where every single word you put in, fits magically. Leaving you feel like a wizard. Same thing happens when you are out on your first day of work. Oh, what a bliss it is. 
As fresher I remember, I thought I had enough knowledge to outstand the world. It was my time to rise and shine like we scan the ladies in the magazines and read about how easily they rose to fame with just one step.

Well just like every other girl. Going to work was my cup of green tea. My first day was very energetic I loved the work that I was doing. It was transcripting a series that was supposed to go on air next month. It wasn’t a proper job it was a 3 month internship with 20 days of probation. Now when I look back I realize how stupid I was to accept something like that and not realize that I was being used! They made me work overtime but I was satisfied. At least I got a job in a firm with good name. I worked 6 days a week for 8 hours plus 2 hours of commuting.

But by the end of the week I knew that it was it…I couldn’t pull the band. 3 months were like big, long roads that were difficult to pass. So I called it quits.    

I realized one thing that beginnings are always very energetic and as time passes by things tend to get boring and monotonous. 

I found out something new about myself, that I can’t do same thing over and over again. I see people, my friends around me they can do same thing everyday. But, I need something that has to be new and something different everyday. So apart from writing I started my brand named “bags & boxes” (you can follow me on Instagram: bags_and_boxes)

Now what’s that? Well I make gift hampers and decorate gifts like these… 

So what’s the point in writing a blog about it! Just to spread the message that if you can’t keep up with the regular work routine like your friends and end up being upset at the end of the day. Then let your artistic colors splash. Give it a go…maybe you will realize, you might be good at writing, reading, drawing, dancing, acting. 

You only live once make sure you just don’t live in comparing others. 

Go out there leave your own prints let people follow you, learn from you. Some will encourage, some will discourage. But they will say what they want, coz they don’t understand. 

You are the pilot, take the plane wherever you want and feel the freedom of flying. 

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For Women…

There are many roles a woman play in her life. Pride of her parents, lover of her husband and role model for her kids. With every role she faces new challenges and new sacrifices. Giving 100% on her part, never fails to do so.
Even so she is claimed to be weaker than men, many a times she is obliged to think so. This is the moral she is built on.
While growing she always have different set of rules. Where he can stay out late at night, she is commanded otherwise. He is cool to have friends who are girls, but when she have friends that are boys they become “boyfriends”. If she decides not to get married she becomes characterless. Her driving is more risky even if she isn’t speeding. She shouldn’t be earning more than him. If she is ambitious to built an empire, her parents are taunted “to live on daughter’s money”.
In many sectors of our country, people still think that educating girls is like loosing them from their control, they won’t be able to find a suitable life partner, she will be outlined and the list goes on. We all share a little bit of masculinity and femininity within us, demanding to be acknowledged, respected  and treated equally. There is no field today where women can’t reach and they have proven so by achieving a remarkable rank in the society. Women themselves don’t know what they are capable of, she can look after her husband and kids as efficiently as she can look after her boss and work.
To count of, we may find many well known names of powerful women whom we hear about in papers and on TV. But, have we thought there are many more other than this. Look around, you’ll find the mother who lost her husband with young baby in her arms. Deciding not to hide behind another man. Instead, going out there in a new world just to fulfill her kid’s needs. The selfless daughter who can reach any extent to make her parents happy and keep their pride. A dutiful wife who left her family, house and her dreams for her husband’s. She doesn’t count sacrifices she’s given, all she expects is love, trust and faith in her.
A fact that all “she” needs to know is that there is a life after marriage, after motherhood, after grandmotherhood. Your dreams, aspirations doesn’t have to end not after 20, 40 or 60. You have a right make a choice for yourself, for your life. To live in dignity with self-respect. Women are blessed with certain gifts not possessed by all humans. When it comes, she can stand as strong as wind, not even 100 men can’t stop. All it takes is one decision, a pinch of courage, mixed with confidence and faith. In no time you will be looking at a new you, a stronger you, a better you. You get only one life, make sure you get the best you can out if. Don’t wait for fate to give it to you, go and grab it.
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10 tips to shop stress free!

As we know all damsels whether in distress or not, loves to shop. Well, there isn’t any dummies guide on how to shop. But, sometimes shopping can really get you, especially in wedding season where you don’t want to miss out on any piece that you can buy for your new wardrobe or when you are traveling and looking for some cool souvenirs to show off your friends on how amazing trip was.
However, take my 10 tips before you shop and trust me you will save time and money.
#1 – Make a list of what you want.
It will save your time and energy.
#2 – Always have a budget for the things you what to buy.
Don’t over spend on anything, not even yourself.
#3 – Focus
Only look for the thing that you want. Just don’t enter any store that looks preppy. You’ll loose cash.
#4 – Don’t buy things that you already own.
Even if it is in the color you don’t have. Once in while is fine but, don’t make it a habit.
#5 – Friends and Sales Associates are not always right.
Come on, they don’t know what you own and what not.
#6 – Don’t compromise with the size.
‘This shirt is not in my size, but it’s okay I’ll lose weight by next month.’
No! only buy it if its in your size otherwise “let it go…”
#7 – SALE!
Not everything that you are looking for can be found in Sale. But, a good amount of it is out there. Make a list what you can pick up in sale and wait for it.
#8 – Don’t buy all items in one go.
Just don’t buy the thing immediately you lay eyes on. Chill! look around you might find that thing in another store for lesser price.
#9 – Make sure your tummy is full, period. 
Don’t go shopping when you are hungry or sleepy. It will make you dull.
#10 – Brand Conscious?
Do not be brand conscious, they aren’t always satisfying. Try new brands, they do the tricks sometimes.
Bonus one!
Shopping is fun, enjoy every bit of it.
Don’t stress on the right thing, though the windows are alluring admit it you can’t own everything.
Happy Shopping!